Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Today’s school environment is filled with multiple challenges. Regulations with government. Budget constraints, High workload. Stress. Continual changing curriculum conditions and we haven’t even talked about the challenges the youth of the world face today.

Smile Therapy is intended to simply add to the positive culture of the school and organization. It’s to be utilized by the leadership, the staff, the administration, and the faculty.

As  an added bonus, we  recommend the schools share the optimistic and  encouraging messages with the students in whatever fashion they choose  Some examples are:

• To use in the lesson plans.

• As morning announcements.

• On white boards.

• As discussion starters

• As character education tools.

The possibilities are as wild and endless as the  imagination of the school. Simple theory: Start the staff’s mind in a good and positive direction, with high quality messages of excellence—and  that will methodically- filter down to the students .

Repeat, on a systematic and reliable daily basis.
As one outstanding school  leader  stated… “Happy teacher, happy kids.”   It can truly be that simple.

“We brought Smile Therapy to my building two years ago and it was very well received! I received many positive emails from my staff stating things like, “I needed that today” or “this came at the perfect time” or “let’s share this with the students on announcements”. It is just a wonderful reminder that there are things to smile about!”

~ Erin Phillips, Executive Director of Elementary Education,  Central Square School District


Smile Therapy: Educational, Inspirational, and Motivational – it’s the whole package sent directly to us! A daily dose of uplifting information that brightens our day without fail!”

-Shaun O’Connor, Superintendent, Weedsport Central Schools-


“Not only does Smile-Therapy brighten my day, I also used several of the motivational items with my students. Some of the stories and quotes from leaders and ordinary people who have excelled have been very inspirational. “   -Janet Ferris  teacher, Onondaga Central Schools-


“Positive reinforcement is critical to humans and  Smile-Therapy delivers it with consistency  and reliability, daily. What better place for optimism- than in schools,  as school staff spend equal if not more time daily with children as do their parents.”    -JD Pabis, fmr Superintendent, Auburn CSD, now consultant  and advisor to  various school districts –


For Colleges/Universities

Why Smile Therapy for students?

1.) They are stressed, they are in a new environment away from home, and they are being bombarded continuously, with world news negativity, and social media snarky-ness.

Ask today’s youth WHERE they get their positive messages from, and  things generally go quiet. Not many outlets. Enter Smile-Therapy.

2.) Even more crucial…we’ll add a  point–blank  question:  Why are students truly in College? What’s the main reason for their enrollment?

Likely  a.) to get a degree and   b.) so that someone will hire them, post college.(Preparing for the rest of their future)

Thus,  Mr/Ms. Student–why not do all that you can, to become the best student you can be- to ultimately become the best potential candidate for hire?

3.) Have a look at the Character Development Chart.

It will give a solid reason for  the importance that S-T  will play both short and longer term– to the students overall wellness and success.

4.) Critically Important study: It’s a fact that companies are now placing a large importance, on hiring for ATTITUDE, on top of skill and degree



Why Smile-Therapy for Parents?

1.) The IDEA is to foster an even greater positive culture at the college for the students, for the school, and  for the entire campus.

The Smile-Therapy for Colleges program focuses directly on:

• Life lessons, wisdom, and the importance of a Positive Mental Attitude.
• Real world ‘soft skills,’  such as: dealing with adversity, accountability, leadership skills, confidence, and good character habits/traits.

2.) It’s delivered first thing, daily- to start your son/daughter’s  day and MIND—in a positive direction, and to add encouragement , as they head to class.

3.) Affordability: The cost, per semester of Smile-Therapy is negligible (less than trip for two to McDonalds)

4.) Have a look at attached diagram— to view Character Development themes and subjects


Why Smile-Therapy for the Administration?

1.) Adds to the positive culture of the entire campus.

2.) Competitive advantage over other schools  by delivering a quality, POSITIVE, message of excellence to students (staff too?) on a systematic, and reliable daily basis.

3.) Recognizes that companies are now hiring for Attitude on top of skill. Also further advances students character development qualities and traits.

4.) Promoting  Successful Traits– By advancing one of the key, crucial attributes to success- a Positive Mental Attitude


“Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other.” –Brian Tracy-

“There is little difference in people but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference- is whether that attitude is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.” –W. Clement Stone