Why Smile Therapy for the individual?

In general, people fall into two categories:

A.) Whether you could use some sort of:

1.) Encouragement.

2.) Positive reinforcement.

3.) Optimism.

4.) Good news.

5.) A ‘pick me upper.’

6.) Some good positive energy or

7.) Just something to life the spirits




B.) You thrive on:

1.) Self improvement

2.) Character development

3.) Continuous learning

4.) Personal development

5.) A desire for ‘Better’ or

6.) Just want to become an overall, all around, overall, better human being.

We’ve got both paths covered. Our main mission/ objective at Smile-Therapy:

a.) Deliver a GREAT message, every day that  a.) encourages and  b.) makes people feel better, immediately after reading, in some way.

b.) Longer term, systematic approach of S-T, over time, promotes a ‘crockpot for betterment.’ Consistent reading of the messages help people think and feel better, while fostering continued improvement and self development.

“Yes I enjoy them. I realize that when I don’t open them,  it’s an indication that I have way too much going.  It’s also when I probably need it most.”

-Dave Allen , owner  Allen Associates and Slush Puppies-

“Smile Therapy (ST) provides a daily dose of reflection, inspiration, and positive thoughts that help to shape the day and is a constant reminder that we can make a difference.  ST makes me think and keeps me grounded.  Smile Therapy has positively influenced my life personally and professionally in business by enabling engagement through dialogue, improved productive relationships, and better outcomes.” 

-DM Hollingshead,  businessman, husband and father-

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