A.) Benefits of partnership with Smile-Therapy:

1. Increase morale
2. More positive climate and culture
3. Higher employee engagement
4. Additional Wellness benefit focusing on more Appreciation for the employee

B.) Main objective and mission:

a.) Deliver a GREAT message, every day that  a.)encourages and  b.) makes people feel better, immediately after reading, in some way.

b.) Longer term,-systematic approach  of S-T, over time,  promotes a ‘crockpot for betterment.’  Consistent  reading  of the messages  help people think and feel better,  while fostering continued improvement and self development.

“For over 6 years, Smile-Therapy has helped us inject a dose of positivity into our office each day.  A positive work environment is very important, and Smile-Therapy helps set the tone of good thoughts each day.”

Patrick O’Toole President , Spectrum Marketing Services Group

I am a morning person who loves to start the day with a positive and optimistic attitude. For over three years Smile Therapy has proven to me to be a wonderful partner to help me get off to a good start everyday.” 

-Paul Mellott Jr, CEO,  Mellott Companies-

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C.) 4 reasons for partnering with Smile-Therapy

1. Good Business Sense

If leadership was able to place a high quality message that would start each employees workday in a good and positive direction, b.) and the cost was minimal , c.)and it was no workor effort on their part- would they want to do that?

2. Success:

Second, studies from the smartest and most  successful LEADERS who built America- Listing the 17 most common key principles to success. And of those key traits to  success Positive Mental Attitude is most important of the 17.

Question: What does your company have in place to advance Encouragement, Optimism, Positive Reinforcement , a Positive Mental Attitude– on a systematic, daily basis?

3. $$ Dollars/ Costs:

Gallup tells us 70% of the American workforce is UNENGAGED, costing companies a fortune: http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2014/10/su_grad_disengaged_workers_costing_companies_dearly.html
84% of Sr leaders told The Economist unengaged employees are among the Top 3 business threats. Here’s 13 things you don’t want at your Company: https://www.paycor.com/resource-center/the-unlucky-13-quick-facts-about-the-cost-of-unengaged-employees

4.) Learn from the best:

From   Southwest Air book called ‘Nuts.’ It is mindboggling how well they treat their employees, and in return their employees walk through brick walls for them.

Leaders in  the airline industry in profitability, on time arrival, customer service, baggage claim, and practically every other category. Year after year.

Keys: Hire nice people, treat all employees with appreciation and love, share profits, give them autonomy, fun place to work, incredible connected-ness to  co-workers & upper management