(radio station ‘WIIFM,’ what’s in it for me)

Smile-Therapy is designed to Positively Impact people’s lives.

37 Different Ways Smile-Therapy MOVES and IMPACTS People:

  2. We share ‘More Good Things Humans are Doing.’
  3. We move you to Tears( a good emotional cry).
  4. We share Wisdom with you.
  5. We catch you off guard& make you Scratch your Head.
  6. We get your Belly to Shake and Giggle.
  7. We Stretch your Mind.
  8. We Save you $$.
  9. We share Consumer Sites of Use to you.
  10. We help you Reminisce and Recall your past.
  12. We Test Morals and Ethics.
  13. We keep you Positive.
  14. We make you Think.
  15. We Inspire and Challenge you.
  16. We Test your Talents.
  17. We cause you to think ‘What If?’
  18. We STOKE your Philanthropic side.
  19. We share GRATITUDE.
  20. We send you Good News and Positive Vibes.
  21. We keep you SMILING. (Dr Seuss-like )
  22. We create Topics of Conversation.
  23. We Discuss Life Lessons.
  24. We Remind. ( ex: not to judge a book by its cover)
  25. We help you Move, Groove, and Dance.
  26. We Keep you Informed new trends, websites, etc
  27. We Help your Business.
  28. We Inspire CONFIDENCE.
  29. We Challenge the Status Quo.
  30. We Open and Stretch your IMAGINATION(Willy Wonka Style).
  31. We share Fun Sites with you.
  32. We Re-live Memories.
  33. We Share Success Stories.
  34. We Ask your Opinion.
  35. We show– you are IMPORTANT.
  36. We Fire you Up.


Collectively and Most Importantly We help you EXCEL Toward Your Personal Best!


To try out Smile-Therapy the RISK is
  • Stop at any time.
  • Try a 30 day Test Pilot, to sample the service.
  • Money Back refund if requested.


We want more happy, positive enthusiastic people.
That’s how we roll at Smile-Therapy.
Experience Smile-Therapy