Positive uplifting messages and stories that make my day a little better!!!

T.W.Director of Golf, Head of Operations

Smile-Therapy has given daily doses of Good and Positive Info in a world of a lot of bad and negative news. Keep up the Good Words.

D.M.Real Estate Broker

I like the Monday morning jokes because they make me laugh out loud. I already think too much ;-).


To me it means that no matter how bad the day may be, the S-T emails give me a breath of fresh air. Instead of Calgon take me away; S-T takes me away.

J.B.Defense Department

A very nice daily respite, from what can be a very stressful world.


A consistent and reliable fresh perspective on life!

R.D.Health & Wellness Coach

Because of Smile-Therapy’s positive daily messages, not only does everyday start off on a happy note, but my outlook on many situations has changed and it has helped me to remember what is important in life. Once you start, there’s no going back…I’m hooked!!

J.B.Dental Student

Brightens and motivates me with your inspirational stories/statements/thoughts!


Daily positive reinforcement and reaffirmation of the items in life that are important, allows me at least for 30 seconds to realize that work is not the most important item on today’s agenda.

C.M.Real Estate Entrepreneur

A refreshing difference in my day – something positive to counteract so much of the negative.


Smile Therapy provides me a daily reminder that life is what you make it by the choices you make – I choose love.

S.L.Resort Management

Kept me positive during some tough situations!

D.K.English Teacher

In the last year, smile therapy has meant a “break in the action” to me.(It’s given me a few minutes of turning everything off, and just reading/listening to something uplifting).

C.M.Computer Graphics

Smile-Therapy has been uplifting, enlightening, and heart warming, it encourages me to put a positive spin on the negativity that seems so prevalent today.

V.K.Business Owner

It means a chuckle or a thought .. as well as a ever-present reminder of my friend Tim’s bulletproof attitude.

C.H.Chiropractor & Nutritionist

Daily inspiration. Thank you!


Smile Therapy is a happy place to go to, like Grandma’s cookie jar, positive expectations, always fulfilled.

B.L.Administrative Assistant

A Daily smile – grin – smerck – laugh…. All small but good little things to help start my day!

D.F.Technology Business Owner

It helps me to be a better person – to be positive and to be more aware of how I treat others.

C.B.Bank Closer

Over the last year, Smile Therapy has provided me with multiple opportunities to share a positive message with my family, friends and colleagues – helping to spread the joy!

A.B.Human Resources Director

Inspiration when I am down, a push when I need it, appreciation for my life and my gifts received from Jesus, great stories of people overcoming huge obstacles and love that people have for each other – that they will sacrifice all for their loved ones. WOW – great stuff!

S.D.Real Estate Agent

Smiles, laughs, positive thoughts and uplifting stories.


It has provided some poignant quotes (some of which I posted to my Facebook page) and some commentary, which I have shared with coworkers.

K.A.Payroll Advisor

Smile Therapy is a means to making a difference in my life by helping me see things from a fresh, positive, unselfish point of view.

B.R.Labor Relations

S/T has provided me with a variety of “ real life” situations, as well as S-T advising how other humans have dealt with those situations, as they have come up. I have found many of these situations appearing in my own life ; S-T has given me ideas as to how those situations might best be handled.


Smile-Therapy has meant a bright spot to look forward to especially when some days have been most difficult.

E.L.Retail Store Owner

Smile Therapy brought me a quick pick me upper throughout the school year.


Smile Therapy has lifted me up when I am down during the day and also given me insights into happenings and behaviors of others so perhaps I can view things from a different perspective.


In the last 365 days Smile Therapy has reminded me that life’s about more than sitting back and letting dice roll as it will. It’s nire a game of table tennis(ping pong) where the ball comes over the net to you, and you have to try to hit it back over the net.


Fuel to maintain a positive mental attitude in all situations both professional and personal.

B.N.Property Manager

Good thoughts, smiles and thought provoking.

M.D.Human Resources

The consistency of your communications along with all the enlightenments I acquired from a lot of your quotes and stories…even the ones that made me tear up.

D.M.Head Receptionist, Fortune 500 Company

Thank YOU for being committed to your mission/passion in life and sharing it with others to create a more loving connective smiling community!


In such a stressful environment, Smile Therapy offers me a minute or two to smile, laugh, and reflect…

C.J.Benefits Consultant

In one sentence: Smile Therapy, as necessary as coffee to give you that morning lift!

C.J.Head of Administration

It’s always a bright spot amongst the onslaught of other emails that bog down our day.

J.V.Bank Credit Specialist

Smile-Therapy has given me a positive way to start my day and reminded me of the simple things that I so often am too overwhelmed to stop and take notice of or think about.

R.B.Health Care Manager

Smile-Therapy is just what I needed to get through the day.

G.K.Radio Host

Great pick me up each day, gets my mind to reflect and find perspective, extremely positive for me.

M.D.Insurance & Investment Manager

Smile-Therapy is a great “pick me up” tool with its messages of encouragement, wisdom and laughter.  It’s also a wonderful resource network for info on discounts, coupons, recipes, useful tips, etc..


A lovely much needed distraction that often serves as a way to recalibrate myself.

B.B.Human Resources Director

Smile Therapy is like a daily encouraging voice in the not so distance. A positive enthusiastic friend who smiles from all corners of life’s ups and downs…


Inspiration on demand!

L.E.Business Owner

Smile Therapy makes me smile as I take a break from the serious business of life.

J.Z.N.Motivational Speaker

Motivation and uplifting experience for readers and employees!

M.V.Newspaper Head Publisher

A little uplift to the day.


Smile Therapy is the one source of positivity I can count on– to enhance my mood and attitude each and every day.

R.C.Head of Human Resources

A consistently positive, and often times, informative mind shifter!!

S.B.Small Business Owner

I’ve mentioned this before, but we find value with the lift that it provides our patients. Patients in a hospital, especially a geriatric mental health unit often suffer from depression prior to coming and sometimes a daily uplifting message/optimistic thought can improve their mood.

G.J.Hospital Manager

What has Smile-Therapy meant to me over the last 365 days? It has meant a literal life-line. Smile-Therapy connects me to my inner self and enables me to sail life’s seas with a compass of fun, enlightenment, humor, hope and self-belief. Smile-Therapy is what the world needs most – especially during these unsure times. It is a joyous panacea for life.

A.M.P.Housewive, Mother & Grandmother

Smile therapy gives my every day an auspicious beginning with positive, encouraging, inspiring, and fun information.


Smile Therapy has given me inspiration to enjoy life more and inspire others in my life.


Smile Therapy has assisted me with the tools and references to look at any situation from a different perspective and always see the positive….

M.H.R.Manager, Accouting Guru

Inspiration, redirection, edification…

J.G.Entrepreneur, Motivational Consultant

I enjoy it, especially when I need to be happier.


A positive and uplifting start to the day.

K.B.Elder Care Specialist

Knowing that every morning you sit down early with a message to start everyone’s day with a bit of humor or wisdom … kudos for getting up early out of a nice warm bed and getting on your computer and helping us start our days.

K.K.Business Owner

Nice positive micro messages.

J.N.Assistant Manager & Food Broker

A « pause » to make me think, smile, breathe, feel good or better!

L.L.Business Owner

Smile Therapy gives me the opportunity for a quick shot of encouragement, or a chance for a reflective thought, without forcing it upon me. I can chose to read it if, and when, I want.

F.P.L.Investment Broker

Smile Therapy is what starts my day. A positive thought, idea, story to start my day in a positive way!

S.P.Credit Lender Specialist

When I have had time to open them, they have been uplifting and sometimes inspirational.


I don’t know if you recall, but our work environment was so toxic and dysfunctional that even though I loved the work, the environment was causing me spiritual and physical damage. You offered “Smile Therapy” and indeed it has been remarkably healing! We work diligently now to make this a positive environment in all aspects. It definitely takes some work and time, but I am so grateful to be part of a team. As a whole, we are a happy, productive and enthusiastic team. This positive energy spills over into all we do and makes for some very rewarding experiences. Hats off to the Grand Poobah!

D.B.Head of Non-Profit Agency

To be more positive than I am.

C.O.Closing Agent, Bank

Smile-Therapy helps to inspired our staff to remain positive… in a not so positive world.

T.M.High School Principal

Positive outlook on a daily basis.

M.H.Payroll Manager

A daily dose of Smile-Therapy is an injection that starts the day with a smile, which becomes who we are after a while.


I’d have to say Smile-Therapy is like the bumpers in a bowling alley. Whenever my mood starts to stray toward the gutter, I get an email from this cool dude called the Grand Poobah of Smiles and I get re-centered so I can hit my goals!

D.C.Engineer, Financial Advisor

Fun stuff. I enjoy the jokes and inspirational stories.

J.A.Bank Manager

Not every day do we stop and think outside the task at hand. You make us, once a day, stop and think about others and the human condition- nice pause.

C.W.Mortgage Consultant

Smile Therapy causes me to stop and think, invariably providing support for a positive mental attitude and mindset for now and forever.

D.H.Head of Plant Operations

Happiness, smiles and a feeling that there is still good in this world 🙂


I don’t always have the chance to read Smile-Therapy daily, but when I do, the story always seems to apply directly to how I’m feeling or what I’ve experienced. Thank you to S-T for sharing a story to brighten my day…right when I need it!

L.W.University Administrator

I look forward to my Smile Therapy email every day! It really helps get me through that “dull” part of the afternoon.


Over this past year, Smile Therapy has been a fun and uplifting start to each day as well as confirmation of my opinion that a person can never be TOO nice!

M.B.Business Entrepreneur

Smile-Therapy will put things in back perspective when I think something is ridiculous or what not ; makes me see the other side.

B.E.Accounting Manager

A break from the rigors of the day.


A smirk on my face and a nod in agreement.

M.M.Teacher & Lacrosse Coach

Inspirational and leadership messages that help me to be a better person and to put a smile on my face.

M.E.Bank Manager

When I have been a good girl and taken the time to read it, it had been inspirational!!!!

M.E.Finance & Accounting

Smile – Therapy has made me stop, slow down, think about, help keep a positive aura, appreciate and realize just how lucky I am with my family, my home, my friends and my career, as well as reaffirm that there is much good in our life; we must keep our hearts and minds open to just receive it and to accept it, and then hopefully be wise enough to pass it on.The center/core/nucleus of Smile – Therapy obviously has achieved its mission by sharing and passing on the creator’s knowledge and goodness. Thank you!

C.V.Fence Company Manager

Still going through divorce stuff and that can be tough but many times something you post on your site puts a smile on my face or inspires me. Good job Tim.


As you know I tend to be on the negative side despite all my blessings.  Reading positive thinking statements sometimes helps me refocus and appreciate. Thanks.


ST reinforces my intention to have a great day and to share that great day with others.


Insight, reflection, an occasional light moment and attitude adjustment on a hectic day, and inspiration for several key employee meetings.

P.O.CEO, Marketing Firm

It’s been a pat on the shoulder, a refreshing reminder of who I am and what’s really important in my life, without a sermon or a lecture. The jokes are hilarious. I’m doing well with my lung condition. Thank you for your kindness and friendship.


It is often a good release before a sometimes stressful day- especially on Mondays!

T.L.Business Owner

It has acted as a reminder to stay focused on what is important.

J.C.Financial Planner

Smiling inspiration, daily.

K.S.Wellness Center Head Manager

Thoughtful inspiration with a smile. And I’m going to trademark that line. Keep smiling!

K.D.Business Owner

Smile-Therapy can be a bright spot in an otherwise ordinary, stressful, or chaotic day!


Smile Therapy has motivated me, enlightened me, brightened my day, and provided me with numerous stories to pass on to my students.


Smile Therapy is a constant in my day to day life .It allows me to stop for a minute and think…about things I may not have. 🙂

K.R.Computer Teacher

A chance to read things that are positive, creative and fun and have interesting articles that I can share with others.


A happy thought to start the day, inspiration to count my blessings and a smile in the afternoon!


Made me look at situations with a different perspective.

S.S.Dairy Management

Smile-Therapy gives me a much needed break in my crazy days where I KNOW I will read something positive and uplifting!


Inspiring and refreshing.

R.P.Superintendent of Schools

Everyday something informative or happy comes my way! Thank you.

C.R.Administrative Assistant

The Grand Poobah is alive and well and living his dream. Amen!

R.P.Business Owner

Peace of mind for 5 minutes.


This is difficult. Depending on the day, a laugh, a smile, a thought, even a tear, but always- perspective on what is important. Thank you.

V.Z.Director of Athletics & Vice Principal

A resource that I can go to when I’m looking for inspiration, a pick-me-up or some training material Thanks Tim!

A.H.Financial Consultant

It has been informative, uplifting and entertaining.

J.N.Mortgage Broker

Nice thoughts.

B.C.Mortgage Advisor

Daily reminders/examples of being more positive.


To elaborate, it has made me think on a more human being level vs just a business level. Help people solve their problems and not use them to solve your own.


A good positive feeling for the new day!


Don’t give up, ever…even if sometimes the biggest obstacle in my life is myself.


The daily emails I receive from Smile-Therapy remind me that ultimately, I am the only one responsible for my attitude and behaviors every day. But, some days, I need those reminders.

B.K.Business Owner

Smile-Therapy has been a daily reminder of the goodness that exists in a world where technology gives us instantaneous access to huge amounts of horrible news. In one word: refreshing.

C.M.Benefits Specialist

Staying in touch with you! On a serious note, just a reminder that life is short & we need to be thankful for what we have and appreciate life-it’s precious.

T.M.Business Owner

S-T gives me the opportunity to be humbled, and filled with joy and knowledge… all before breakfast.


Smile Therapy is my daily dose of wisdom, encouragement, humor, and reminders of what’s REALLY important in life. Keep up the good work Tim.

F.W.Fitness Business Owner & Writer

A pick me up when needed.

R.R.Insurance Agency Owner

Smile Therapy puts the important things into perspective for me; both personally and professionally.

S.G.Human Resources

I enjoy some of the topics, but do not read daily. The topics that do catch my attention leave me feeling positive and hopeful.


Over the last 365 days, Smile-Therapy has reminded me to  think more, listen more, work better, and… has made me a better father, friend and employee!

N.C.Workers Compensation Claims Representative

It keeps me pointed North when the rest of the world seems to be going South.

B.N.Payroll Consultant

Tim, simply put, I get out of bed each work day looking forward to seeing your ST post. It helps me laugh and stay positive. Thanks for introducing me to ST.

B.P.Owner of Insurance Agencies

A little reprieve/uplift from the grind of the work day!


Consistent Daily Kickstart.

D.B.Employee Engagement Specialist

Smile Therapy has been a daily, positive, uplifting engine starter.

M.F.Financial Advisor