Those who commit to reading S-T faithfully for 1-2-3-6 months, will with absolute certainty: Think better Thoughts, have a more Optimistic outlook, a clearer improved Mindset, and a refreshing, more positive Attitude. An improved ‘TOMA’ helps people toward become the best they can be.

Read Smile Therapy = Think and Feel Better.

  1. Short Term—Start your day and mind, on a good note and in a positive direction. Today, tomorrow, and every day.
  2. Long Term— Smile more. Think and feel better about yourself, and about life. When you think and feel better– you start excelling toward your personal best.

WE recently conducted a 1 question survey

Question: Has Smile Therapy made you a better person, or Positively Impacted your life–in any meaningful way? Check all that apply, and return at your earliest convenience.

Possible ways

Encouraged You. 85%
Better thoughts, even if for a day or an hour. 85%
Improved Mindset. 76%
Made you more well-rounded. 54%
Helped solve a problem/challenge. 52%
Helped your business or sales in some way. 48%
Become more well read by introducing a book. 46%
Inspired you. 89%
Gave your more confidence to try something. 44%
Suugested courage to step out of your comfort zone. 54%
Make you a look at a situation different (perspective). 78%
Changes your attitude, for the better (even if temporarily). 85%
Helped you become a better consumer and save money. 59%
Helped with a more positive outlook. 83%
Brightened your day. 98%

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