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Disclaimer/ Disclosure..........

In regards to the tips, ideas, wisdom and information, Smile-Therapy notes the following::::

a.) The information is gathered from various sources. Credit is given when requested/ where the source is known, unless otherwise instructed NOT to use.

b.) Smile-Therapy encourages you to provide as much info as you feel comfortable with( ex:: Tom B from Western NY, Lisa from Minnesota, JZ from Taiwan, Bill Joden from Marcellus NY) etc etc.

c.) Please note the author not does not guarentee any specific results. These ideas and tips are simply things that have worked for others and "try at your own risk".

d.) assumes NO LIABILITY for actions resulting from peoples use opf the tips/ ideas/ info/ wisdom.

e.) cannot guarentee all tips/ ideas/ wisdon/info will be used/ added to the Library of Wisdom due to value of information, proper content, duplication of material, etc etc. We will do our best.

f.) Neither the publisher , nor the product manufacturers are responsible for effectiveness of the tips/ ideas/ wisdom/ information/ products materials. Again, its a try at your own risk.

g.) will always give best efforts to give proper credit for quotes, stories, tips, information and other material on the site. We receive many that the author is "unknown". If you are aware who the author is, please notify us so we can give proper credit.

h.) We also recommend if you read and like or try and like something on the site, that you look into the author/creator further for potential purchase of their info, books, products , etc etc.

i.) If you are the author of something, and want something removed, please notify

In summary::::
This is a FUN site. It is intended to be a win/ win for all. We try to give proper credit where credit is due. We invite everyone to SHARE whatever positive information that may be beneficial to others. Its the responsibility of each individual person to analyze and experiment whatever they d like at their own risk. recognizes that what works for someone may not work for others. Its just information. Use as you see fit.

We try to give credit where credit is due/ known. If you see something that needs credit, please inform us.

NOTE: Likewise, when using the information from our website to share with others please reference the URL (web address) to give credit where credit is due.

We do not guarantee any of the info/ tips/ wisdom/ ideas. They are a massive collection, sent in from other Humans, who say that they liked it, or that its worked for them, or they've had decent results, etc etc.

Smile-Therapy is not in any way liable or responsible for any results, or actions resulting from the info on the site, as results may vary from person to person.

Simply put:: Read the info, enjoy the info. If you want to try it/ use it/ share it/ recommend it/test it, or whatever... GO AHEAD. If you don t want to, THEN make a sound judgement and PASS on the information, tips, wisdom, and ideas.

As mom always said, use common sense. If you are not sure about something, ask a friend, relative, or colleague, whose opinion you respect.

Thank You

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