For individuals:

1. Meet one of America’s BEST high school principals…

2. Do you know what your Smile-Quotient is (SQ)? Find out here:

3. 14 pieces of ADVICE, from some of the planet’s most INFLUENTIAL humans ever.

4. How to deal with TOXIC people…

5. 15 things a TEEN SHOULD KNOW, before they leave home (part 1)…

6. Need MOTIVATION? How Colonel Sanders was REJECTED 1009 times, and still built one of the all time most successful restaurant chains…

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12. Here’s a library of 1000 IMPACTFUL QUOTES, with analysis, for your immediate use:

13. One book that every Leader, Teacher, Mentor, Coach should ABSOLUTELY READ (and a story as to why.)

For business:

1. 6 Top Leadership books- to BOOST Morale, Engagement, Productivity…

2. Exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE story (a must read, about Capt. Danny Flanagan).

3. 7 COMMON DENOMINATORS of the best 50 companies in New York, to work for:

4. The 21 SOFT COSTS—of Low employee engagement and Low morale.

5. 4 Articles proving--- companies are now HIRING for ATTITUDE (and why):

6. 13 Things to AVOID at your company (Horrendous for the budget):

7. 8 Business and life quotes, from ESPN coach of the 20th Century- Coach John Wooden:

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9. Need an ICEBREAKER for a sales meeting/ conference?--- 3 clean, funny jokes, to warm up any crowd:

10. The one book EVERY SINGLE SALESPERSON should read (and a story as to why):

11. An eye-catching business article, appearing in ‘Camillus Life Magazine’, on Smile-Therapy