How About Some Encouragement & Positive Reinforcement?

2 Ways to Spell HOPE

(From the book ‘Head First,’ by Norman Cousins)

Find out why two physicians—using the same drug and ingredients– have a sharply different success to failure rate with their patients. As a tip—this book is a superb gift to give anyone who is currently ill. I did so with my mother, and not only did she enjoy it thoroughly, it helped her heal.

Two physicians were overheard discussing a paper they were prepared to deliver at a national meeting of cancer specialists. One was complaining bitterly. “I don’t understand it Bob. We use the same drugs with the same ingredients, the same schedule of treatment and same dosage. 75% of your patients recover, and only 1 of out of 5 are recovering for me.”

How do you explain that?

Simple. “We both give the same drug with Etoposide, Platinol, Oncovin, and Hydroxurea—which you tell them, it’s called EPOH. I give them H.O.P.E (Hydroxurea,Oncovin,Platinol, and Etoposide). I stress to them very diligently– that they have a major chance of recovering.”

Two ways to address the same issue, where one doctor found how to accentuate the positives. HMM…

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