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    Smile Therapy

    When was the last time you and your spouse went on a date?

    I am in the relationship business and I see it happen to the best of people. We all get caught up in life’s daily routines and never ending chores. By days end we are way too exhausted to spend any quality time with the one we love. My solution, schedule 1 or 2 nights per month for date night. Date night means chores get put on the back burner.Do something special, a movie, a picnic, a walk on the beach, or even an ice cream with the person you love. Why do you ask? Because some day they will not be here and the one thing you can’t get back is lost time. So enjoy the future by enjoying the little things with the person that said “I do”. You will both live happier and more rewarding lives if you do.


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    Smile Therapy

    A Love Poem

    A thought on Love

    A bell is not a bell until you ring it.
    A song is not a song until you sing it.

    Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay.
    Love isn’t love, until you give it away.

    B Howard , Alabama

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    Smile Therapy

    Guys.. 8 ways to Impress your Ladies

    How to say I love You in 20(really 8) different languages…

    English.. I love you.
    Spanish.. Te Amo.
    French….Je Taime.
    German…. Ich Liebe Dich
    Japanese.. Ai Shite Imasu
    Italian….Ti Amo.
    Chinese….Wo Ai Ni
    Swedish….Jag Alskar

    Alabama,Arkansas,Oklahoma,Texas, S.Carolina,N.Carolina,Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky….Nice Boobs

    S-T Staffer

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    Smile Therapy

    Relationship tip when conflict arises

    “Stay in the ring” Be committed to remain right there. Do not go anywhere. Work it out immediately before it festers.

    John M.,Syracuse NY

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    Smile Therapy

    Anniversary?.. heres a NEAT IDEA

    Seen on a car window

    JUST MARRIED………27 years ago


    Thought it was romantic 🙂

    TA Smith, S-T Staff , CNY

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    Smile Therapy

    How’d the FIRST DATE go?

    A few things to look for on the first date…

    1. Did the date ask about YOU at all, or blab about themselves for the entire time?

    2. Was theri tone and topics of a positive, or negative nature?
    3. Did they dress well? If nothing else, its a sign of respect.
    4.How did the date treat the waiter/ waitress? Decent tip? Could be a sign of how they treat others.
    5.Any talk of old significant others.. was it positive, or blaming and spiteful. Are they over that one?
    6.Although only date #1 early, could this person be a good role model to your future child, and/or, would your parents approve?

    You would be amazed how gut instincts and first impressions are more correct than not.


    tas, ny

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    Smile Therapy

    Here is a WONDERFUL Relationship tip..

    It is neither your anniversary,nor an Oops, I messed up day.

    It’s just another day. Nonetheless,what a day to tell that partner of yours….

    Thanks for being in my life.
    I love you.

    Send a card, flowers, chocolate, a plant, or anything. Doesnt have to be expensive.

    Its an I LOVE YOU DAY.

    Give it a try.

    T Smith, Creator, S-T

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    Smile Therapy

    Forgive – but don’t forget

    Holding a grudge – hanging onto past hurt with the intention of, some day, some how, inflicting pain on the person who hurt you, by way of retribution – does most damage to the person holding it!
    When you hold a grudge, anger, bitterness and resentment eat away at your soul, while the person who caused such feelings to surface, appears to be unaffected. Of course, that makes it worse and you end up in a vicious circle of negativity that was damages you much more than the ‘sin’ against you ever could.
    Whoever tagged the words ‘and forget’ onto the word ‘forgive’ didn’t do any favours for forgiveness! It is neither possible – nor healthy – to forget when somebody has hurt you. In the same was as your body carries the scars of old injuries, your soul carries the reminders of the wounds inflicted upon it.
    You cannot forget – but you certainly can forgive.
    In fact, until you forgive the person who hurt you, the pain will never leave and the wound will never heal, simply because you are keeping it open.
    Forgiving doesn’t mean condoning or in any way justifying a wrongdoing.
    It simply means accepting that everybody makes mistakes and people get hurt and that making mistakes does not make any of us bad. It just means we’re human.
    The old saying that you can hate the sin and still love the sinner explains this very well.
    It is the people closest to us, the people we care for the most, who have the greatest power to hurt us. When they let us down, or disappoint us, or cheat and lie and behave in a way that we find unacceptable, they have broken a subtle bond of trust – and that’s what hurts!
    The only way to really heal that hurt is to go as far as possible to rebuild that bond and the very first step on that road is to forgive the person who caused the pain.
    Until that happens, you are caught in an unwholesome spiral of negative emotions and nothing can get better.
    If you’re happy being miserable, carry on. But, if you would like to feel whole again, start by just considering the possibility that it might be possible to forgive the person who has hurt you.
    That’s a huge, huge step forward – and the only one you need to take to begin the journey to forgiveness.


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    Smile Therapy

    Simple Tips for a Stronger Marriage

    1. Both give 100% of the time, rather than thinking its a 50/50 proposal.If both think that way… things work better
    2. Think of the other partner.. what can I do for you today? Again if both think that way,rather than “what can you do for me”, its a win win for all.
    3. Pick your battles. So many arguements are little, petty and in the big picture, don’t mean much at all. Try to think… will this matter in a month or a year. If not,is it worth the fight? Probably not.

    4. Do little nice things every once in awhile. You know your partners habits. Use them and turn them into a plus. If your wife loves coffee in the am.. sneek a bit of whip cream on it,or buy her a donut to go with it.

    5. Act romantic and you’ ll feel romantic. Positive surporises are usually greeted with a big grin.

    6. Don’t blame the other person. Always think.. is there something I could have done better?

    Just a few things that will make any relationship stronger and with more smiles.

    ST Staff

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    Smile Therapy

    3 Simple yet Powerful Tips for COUPLES

    Want to improve your relationship with your partner?

    3 Simple Tips

    1. Look each other in the eye when you speak. It makes them feel important and helps you GIVE THEM your full attention.

    2. Practice taking turns when speaking.Non stop talkers are BORING. So are silent partners. Practice BOTH listening AND talking.

    3. See things from your partners perspective. To be close to someone is to get to know how they feel. You don’t have to agree. You don’t need to argue either. Just feel where they “are coming from”. Try to repeat what they are feeling to see if you understand them.

    These 3 tips do wonders for relationships

    Jean T, Washington State

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    Smile Therapy

    Great Infidelity Article…. What To do?

    Great article I found ion Self Growth, regarding Infidelity.
    Written by Doug and Chris Yound, who are relationship coaches.

    It discusses 7 initial things that should be done once the infidelity is discovered.


    WWWeb scout

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    Smile Therapy

    Relationship Tip from a 14 year old?

    Here is a post marriage tip.

    I’ve observed my parents for several years now.T hey work very hard at this simple tip, and it seems to strengthen their relationship significantly.

    After you get married…….
    Don’t stop all the little things that you used to do when courting each other prior to marriage. In other words,keep it fresh and never take each other “for granted”

    Emily T, Marcellus NY

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    Smile Therapy

    Greatest wedding tip ever for both bride and groom

    Whatever brings you deep relaxation, budget for it to happen in the two days before the wedding. For example, if you like full-body massages, hitting some balls at the driving range, etc, having the appointment already set for yourself will negate the \”oh, I don\’t have time for THAT right now–I have to finish the place settings / chauffeur my cousins around / make sure the ribbons on my favors are straight!\” You should have already budgeted or paid for the service so that you know you\’ll use it… then let yourself enjoy the hour or two. It will help you to enjoy the night(s) before the big day and be more relaxed. By the way, manicures and pedicures should be a given… do one more thing for you… you\’ll love me for it!

    CoachGlad, New York

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    Smile Therapy

    Be looking for ACE’s

    Best tip when you are dating a person, and thinking of getting more serious

    Ask yourself if the person you are dating is an ACE?


    This is also a great formula when hiring people is business.It’s a great way to find a mate.

    If your man looks great but has a crap attitude.. your in for trouble.

    If your woman seems great to you, but has very questionable character.. stay away.

    If your significant other is out of spunk, has no get up and go, and is just “going through the motions”, politely decline and look elsewhere.

    Be looking for ACE’s.
    You’ll be glad you did.

    Wise Old Man

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