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    Smile Therapy

    A FUN way to learn about Investing

    If your looking for a FUN way to learn about stocks, money and general investing.. become a “Fool”

    Its entertaining,its,educational,and easy to understand. The people who run this company are very sharp , yet down to earth people.

    Check out The Motley Fool

    S-T Staffer

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    Smile Therapy

    When investing in Stocks…

    Remember to respect the P/E ratio( Price to Earnings).

    As an example recall the Doughy story of Krispy Kreme.

    It was sailing along, the talk of the town, being used by fundraisers all over the country. It was THEE Donut.

    The problem was perhaps the price got “too tasty”. Expectations were too unrealistic. An earning’s slip up of even a penny would send the shares south.

    The P/E reached 70 ish at one point(a safe PE is 10-15, and 15-30 for fast growth stocks). So what happened??
    Krispy Kreme trades in single digits today, down from close to $80 a share.

    Remember to respect the P/E ratio

    ST Staff

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    Smile Therapy

    $20 in car glove box

    A good idea to keep a spare $10 or $20 bill in your glove box with your car registration/ insurance.

    Its good for when you forget your wallet/ purse.

    Useful in emergencies or you just need a few bucks for milk or 2 gallons of gas to hold you over.

    TA Smith, S-T Staff , CNY

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    Smile Therapy

    Found money??…( Canada)

    There is a site out there that will tell you if you have any unclaimed bank balances in Canada.

    If you are Canadian, or know of any Canadian friends , pass on this website


    Dave Wojo, Vancouver, Ca

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    Smile Therapy

    Free 1 year Warranty

    If you have an Advantage credit card and you buy a 1 year warranty with any product you buy, the Advantage card will get you an extended warranty for an extra year.

    Pretty good deal for just charging it on the Advantage credit card!

    Kristine, Liverpool NY

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    Smile Therapy

    Opt OUT from Credit Companies Selling YOUR NAME

    I think the people in the mortgage biz will find this to be a gem and it is great information for all consumers. You know how the credit agencies sell list to mortgage companies and other creditors? These companies can buy these lists from the credit agencies and then get contact information on every individual who applies for a mortgage or other forms of credit. This generates phone calls to your hard earned borrower during the mortgage process.

    One way to prevent this is the CONSUMER/BORROWER can exclude their name from these lists by going to http://www.optoutprescreen.com . Once they select the “opt out” option they will not receive phone calls or mailings for a period of 5 yrs. It does take 5 business days to get them official off the list. A lot of my customers LO’s will educate their borrowers at application time and ask them to opt out, but great for everyone who doesn’t enjoy receiving all the junk mail and numerous mortgage calls.

    Audrie O, Massachusetts

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    Smile Therapy

    Rental Car Tip( save $$)

    When you rent a car, you most likely will not need to take the insurance that the Car Company is trying to sell you.

    To do:

    1.)Call your agent to see if you have Comp and Collision on your insurance policy( 90% do)

    2.) Ask your agent if that coverage EXTENDS to rental cars( most do).

    If so decline the extra $10 A DAY fee for insurance on the rental car.

    This could save you $30-100??

    Dan D , Ins agent, NY

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    Smile Therapy

    Any Warren Buffett fans??

    If you like finances, you have to like and respect the king…Warren Buffett

    Go to



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    Smile Therapy

    Attn:: Parents of College Bound Students ($$$$$)

    Most kids are covered under their parents health insurance until 25 or at least, the day they graduate.

    When you get your tuition bill , see if the school added private health insdurance insurance.. they probably did. This may save you $300-400 of unnecessary costs.

    Check to sdee if your kid is covered under your policy.. if so,call the school and cancel their insurance.

    BL, Central New York

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    Smile Therapy

    Parents of College Kids…..$$$ Saving Tip # 2

    To maximize your scholarships and grants, do the following::
    Apply to several colleges, even if your not likely to go there.

    As you get awards letters from schools that accept you, fax those to your high priority schools, and you get a bidding war going. Chances are your scholarship money for your top choice schools will GO UP.

    Also if you WRITE,SNAIL MAIL to the schools asking for additional help, they usually come through with additional aid.

    This could be worth thousands of dollars $$$$$$$$!!

    BL, Central New York

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    Smile Therapy

    $$ Saving Tip for the Post Office

    Anytime you need to ship something, always wrap it at the post office. Ask the postmaster .. whats the cheapest way to send it and in what BOX?

    Not a huge deal, but I had to send out a care package and just found any old box at home to fit it in. When arriving at the PO, the postmaster suggested to send it in a priority, “all you can fit in there” box.
    my bill went from $14 to 9.50. Not bad for asking 1 question.

    Moral.. wrap your package at the PO. Ask your postmaster HOW best to send it. They ll be glad to help.

    TAS, Marcellus NY

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    Smile Therapy

    Good Financial Tips for Students Entering College

    Here are some great Financial Tips for kids going to college.


    Happy Savings!

    wwweb scout

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    Smile Therapy

    INEXPENSIVE College Credits( $$$ saver)

    I finished up my degree at Syracuse University this summer and I took summer courses at Onondaga Community College(OCC) and transferred them in (yes the move to NC was recent). The classes at OCC were dirt cheap $129/credit I believe and extremely informational/useful. They were not as easy as I had hoped but now that OCC is a SUNY school the credits are almost universally accepted. So the bang is WELL worth your buck over there. Not to mention I had multiple professors with PhD’s, which I thought was astounding for a community college.

    message here is don t count out Community Colleges for a inexpensive way to get credits that are transferrable, and with Quality professior and teaching.

    Josh J, N Carolina

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    Smile Therapy

    How to become a multi-millionaire

    Start with one cent and each day double the balance. For example day one you have a balance of one cent, day two you add one cent which gives you a balance of 2 cents, day three you add two cent which gives you a balance of four cents, day four you add four cents for a balance of eight cents and so on for thirty one days. Which at that time you will end up with a balance of $10,737,418.24

    Norma & Jim L. from Marlton, N.J.

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    Smile Therapy

    Real Estate Wisdom


    Dave M, Syracuse NY

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    Smile Therapy

    Idea on how to run a BUDGET.. Get debt Free

    Budget Believers

    I had never been successful at keeping a budget before, but finally figured out a system that works for my husband and me. Although I’m in charge of the details, we always go over the budget together so that we both have a fair say in how our money is spent. We also adjust the budget whenever necessary instead of trying to stick to a rigid plan set up only once a month. Our monthly budget includes some “fun money” that we can spend any way we want to, and items that we only pay for once or twice a year. We divide the full premium by the number of months before it is due and then set aside that amount in a separate account. When the bill comes due, the money is ready to go without any stress and without the added billing expenses!

    Using the same technique, we’ve managed to pay off nearly all of our debts, saved up for an emergency, and planned financially for upcoming events. As a result, we were able to pay cash for our small wedding and European honeymoon and still had cash set aside to replace a car that was unexpectedly totaled! I never would have believed that was possible, especially since I’m a graduate student on a small stipend and my husband is a lab technician who earns only a little more than I do.

    Here is the KEY

    Key word:: DECIDE

    We’re both considerably more relaxed when it comes to money, and aren’t worried about our next big “investment,” the upcoming birth of our first child!

    TL Columbus OH

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    Smile Therapy

    Money Management idea for KIDS/ TEENS

    As we were having lunch, our teenage kids talked about their plans to save up their babysitting money for iPods. DH looked at me and said, “Giving them an allowance was the best decision we ever made.” In retrospect, it was a wonderful decision. We started the kids on allowances when they were about five years old, which prevented grocery store whining.

    As the years went on, the kids learned how to spend their money wisely. Yes, they\’ve made mistakes along the way, but they\’ve been low-risk mistakes. For example, my youngest, trying to be cool, spent her whole month’s allowance on one t-shirt. With no extra money for candy, movies or toys, that was a rough month for her. Lately, though, she’s become more money savvy.

    It’s better for the kids to learn about money and practice managing money before they have the real responsibility of making ends meet until payday. And it sure cuts down on the whining and begging!


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    Smile Therapy

    Local Stores Match prices with the giants?.. YES. ASK!

    I like to get my prescriptions at a small pharmacy chain. They offer better service and are friendlier than the huge stores that offer $4 prescriptions. My insurance company co-pay for generic medication is $10. I was contemplating changing pharmacies based on the fact I get six generic prescriptions for my family and the switch would save me $36 a month. I spoke with the pharmacist and told him of my situation. He arranged for me to stay at his pharmacy and pay the $4 fee instead of my $10 co-pay. I am glad I said something instead of assuming they couldn’t do anything and making the change. Now we are both happy!
    Chrislyn in Washington, NC

    Chris Lyn, Wash, NC

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    Smile Therapy

    Rent Movies for Free?

    I go to the pay-per-view movie section of my cable and make a list of the movies that I want to rent from the library for free. I know exactly which ones I want as I can get a free preview. Then I just place a hold on the movie at the library. Sometimes it takes a week and sometimes it takes several months. I get all the latest titles and previews with no cost from the library.
    Theresa M.

    Theresa M, USA

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    Smile Therapy

    Site to check GAS Prices in your Area

    This can save you some serious $$ and some time in seeing where the cheapest gas is.

    Sometimes the fluctuations are small and sometimes as big as 20-30 cents?


    ST Staff

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    Smile Therapy

    Lower your Cr. Card Int Rate

    Personal Finance Tip: Sometimes lowering the APR on your credit card is as easy as calling customer service and asking specifically, “My APR is X.XX, is there any way you can lower that? I’ve been a customer since X”. It’s important to stress how long you’ve been a customer because it shows that you appreciate your relationship with the company.



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    Smile Therapy

    Keep Your Identity Happy

    A safe identity is a happy identity. Prevention is key. Keeping proactively protected and safe is an important element to a happy identity. Read more at http://www.guarddogid.com.

    Priscilla Lynn, VP Corporate Communications, Guard

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    Smile Therapy

    Article How to Become Debt Free and save $1000…

    Decent article here for those looking to wipe out Debt


    WWWeb scout

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