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    Smile Therapy

    Parents:: A 15 word quote that says a ton..

    A wise man once shared this with me::

    Make sure that your children’s BOOK collection is larger than their DVD and VIDEO collection.

    Hmmm. Is there anything more important and/or beneficial to a child than reading?

    TA Smith, S-T Staff , CNY

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    Smile Therapy

    Kids and Manners… is anyone out there??

    If you take the time to teach manners and common courtesy to kids.. it will AMAZINGLY set them apart from about 80-90% of other kids.

    “Hey hows it goin”.. can be “Hello” (while looking the person in the eye),or “Nice to meet you Mr/ Mrs so and so.”

    “No problem” can be easily turned into “You are Welcome”

    Speak clearly, don t mumble.
    Offer to give up your seat to an elder.
    Stand up when being introduced.
    Hold a door for a lady.

    Little manners like these are guaranteed to earn some PRAISE and RESPECT for your youngster, as they are so rare these days. Sad, but true.

    Lets do our part as parents to help our kids as best we can.

    Cheryl, Syracuse, NY

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    Smile Therapy

    No More Thumb Sucking!

    Having trouble getting your child to stop sucking thier thumb?
    Ask their dentist talk to them! My son was “cured” in a day after his hygenist told him he can’t suck his thumb any more.
    She simply told him that any time he needed to suck his thumb to “put it in the cage,” which meant wrapping his other 4 fingers around the thumb.
    Easy breezy, lemon squeezy!
    Our son loves and respects his dentist, so whenever she tells him anything, he’s going to listen!
    p.s. For what it’s worth, his hygenist is Cheryl at Smiles by Design, she’s the best!

    Kellé in Syracuse

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    Smile Therapy

    Does your Kid LISTEN?

    Have you noticed when you try to tell or teach your kid something , they aren’t always as receptive as you’d like?

    Try this

    “I TEACHING you this so you can TEACH YOUR KIDS this”
    My lesson today was:: Clean bird poop off your car IMMEDIATELY. It will stain your paint. And, as long as the birds are around, the bird poop will be around.

    TA Smith, S-T Staff , CNY

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    Smile Therapy

    When a Kid is doing something GOOD….

    If you see a young adult acting well in public….. SEND THEIR PARENTS a note in the mail.

    This does several things.
    1. The parents feel great.
    2. They will surely mention the compliment to their kids.
    3. It recognizes good parenting, as well as good behaviors on the youth’s part.
    By recognition, it reinforces and encourages more good behavior in the future.

    How quick we are to criticize when there is bad behavior. Why not reward good?
    You just may make a few peoples day a bit brighter 🙂

    Tim, Camillus, NY

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    Smile Therapy

    Fun way for KIDS to Shop for the holidays

    Next holiday, try this out for your kids.

    Give them a TEN DOLAR bill and visit the dollar store.

    Tell them to pick out 1 gift, per family member. Select the best gift that reminds you of that person. Do it for each family member.

    Perhaps Uncle Johnny the carpenter, gets a screwdriver, while Uncle Bill the referee gets a toy whistle.

    Loads of fun and affordable

    Sheryl, NY

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    Smile Therapy

    How To Tell the Kids about Divorce??

    Tough situation.

    I know of a lady that works with kids, parents, and relationships as her career. She seems very good at what she does. Her name is Jean Tracy. She has a site called KIDS DISCUSS.

    Jean has tackled the tough chore of how to tell kids about an upcoming divorce.

    For more information visit::


    Timothy, Syracuse, NY

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    Smile Therapy

    FUN FUN site for KIDS

    Self proclaimed the “yuckiest site on the internet”


    ST Staffer

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    Smile Therapy

    BALLGAME with the kids?.. How To keep costs down

    We all know games are fun to go to. However the costs can be downright ridiculous. What to do? Here are a few tips::

    Buy your tickets well in advance, and don’t worry that much about great seats. Instead, focus on spending time enjoying the carnival experience around the outside of the park before and after a game. Fill up on snacks and beverages outside the park, where the prices are cheaper, and minimize your souvenirs – most of that stuff can be had elsewhere for much cheaper.
    In short, prices inside the park are a rip-off, so do what you can to minimize your spending inside. If you must have a dog and a brew, that’s fine, but rather than having three or four, hold off until after the game and have a good time outside the field.

    Trent, Thesimpledollar.com

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    Smile Therapy

    How to get GREAT Kids Pictures

    1. have the children make goofy faces. They will all participate and be happy and you ll get some very natural fun pictures

    2. Tell the kids Sternly “I want you to msmile normally. Don t do THIS( when you say “THIS”, cross your eyes and stick out your tongue.” Also tell them “and don’t do THIS(shrivel up yopur nose and make pig snort sounds).” In between laughs snap your photos as fast asd you can. You get some great shots

    From sundrybuzz.com

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    Smile Therapy

    How to WEAN BABIES off their Pacifier…..

    Here is a great tip to wean babies off their pacifier.

    Just cut a small hole in the end of the binky. There will be no more suction, and the baby will spit it out.

    Problem solved.

    Jodi N, Syracuse

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    Smile Therapy

    How to talk to KIDS about Death….

    Article found online by Angie Wagner of the AP. Good job by Angie in covereing a tough subject.

    Very good article on how to chat with your kids about Death. Not fun, but part of life.

    found online AP newswire

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    Smile Therapy

    Invest in your kids

    Invest in Kids is a website dedicated to sharing wonderful tips, activity ideas and early childhood development information with parents and educators in regards to children birth -age 5. If you are looking for some great ideas for activities to do with your child or parenting tips it is a must visit site. Here’s the link:


    Cassandra Kostuk, Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

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    Smile Therapy

    Fabulous Internet Resource for Parents of Young Kids

    Being that I work in early childhood education and family/parenting support I thought that I would share a fabulous internet resource for parents of young children. It is a Canadian website for an organization called Invest In Kids that offers tips, development information and activity ideas to parents. I believe there is a lot of information on there that American/non-Canadian parents would find useful even though it does reference a lot of Canadian organizations. Engaging in meaningful play experiences through activities listed on this site has offered my daughter and I countless “smiley moments” and lots of laughs. I use ideas from the site almost every day in my work with parents and children. It offers a lot of great moral support to parents because it explains to us how the time we spend with our children is affecting their growth in so many positive ways. It also illustrates that its not that hard to do a fantastic job of being a parent. Of course, we all have our “not so smiley” days…. 🙂

    The website is:


    in particular the “Comfort,Play & Teach” section is extremely valuable.

    Cassandra, Canada

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    Smile Therapy

    Great way to CLEAN a SIPPY CUP

    Cleaning Sippy Cups

    Over the course of two kids using sippy cups, I have finally found the easiest and most efficient way of cleaning those spill proof valves. I use cotton swabs! Just wet the tip, add just a drop of dish soap and clean it out. Bottlebrushes have the nipple brush, but those tend to rip the valves after just a couple of uses. Now, I have sippy valves that look brand new and haven’t broken! It seems to prolong the life of the valves and keeps them sparkling clean (even those forgotten cups left under the van seat)!

    Rachel , Iowa

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    Smile Therapy

    Holiday Photo Fun with Labels

    I have five grown kids and many pictures I have saved throughout the years. I started using pictures for Christmas gift labels. Instead of writing the name of the recipient on the package, I just glue a picture of them on package. You can use old photos or current ones. They love it.

    Gwen, USA

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    Smile Therapy

    How To::Teach kids to empty their pockets

    When my children were younger, I used to dread laundry day. Having boys it was always an adventure sorting laundry. As many times as I told them to empty their pants pockets before putting their jeans in the hamper, they didn’t often comply. I was always amazed at the assortment of junk they managed to store in them and never seemed to miss when I tossed it out!

    I realized that among the toys, rocks and tissues, there was a rather substantial amount of loose change and dollar bills making their way to my laundry room. In order to teach them that I meant business, I put a piggy bank on my dryer and told them that any loose change that came down went into the bank as my laundry fee. The first couple of months I was averaging about $20 or so! As soon as they realized that the change went into the family till, they quickly figured out that it was better for them if they emptied their pockets first! They are older now, but I still keep that bank on the dryer. While it takes longer to fill, I still manage to save some “mad money” for a rainy day

    Carol R, USA

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    Smile Therapy

    Good Gift / Site for Teachers and Young Kids

    Good gift The SSWW Store…….

    Good for kids and teachers for classroom Building activities.
    Getting to know you ideas and items.
    Etc Etc.


    Jennifer, Auburn

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    Smile Therapy

    Have you heard about VICKS VAPOR RUB trick?

    Heres an incredible idea that supposedly works 100% of the time

    Some of us have used Vicks Vapo rub for years for
    everything from chapped lips to sore toes and many body
    parts in between. But I’ve never heard of this. And
    don’t laugh, it works 100% of the time, although the
    scientists who discovered it aren’t sure why. To stop
    night time coughing in a child (or adult as we found out
    personally), put Vicks Vapo rub generously on the bottom of
    the feet at bedtime, then cover with socks. Even persistent,
    heavy, deep coughing will stop in about 5 minutes and stay
    stopped for many, many hours of relief. Works 100% of the
    time and is more effective in children than even very strong
    prescription cough medicines. In addition it is extremely
    soothing and comforting and they will sleep soundly.

    Just happened to tune in A.M. Radio and picked up this
    guy talking about why cough medicines in kids often do more
    harm than good, due to the chemical makeup of these strong
    drugs so, I listened. It was a surprise finding and found to
    be more effective than prescribed medicines for children at
    bedtime, in addition to have a soothing and calming effect
    on sick children who then went on to sleep soundly.

    My wife tried it on herself when she had a very deep
    constant and persistent cough a few weeks ago and it worked
    100%! She said that it felt like a warm blanket had
    enveloped her, coughing stopped in a few minutes and believe
    me, this was a deep, (incredibly annoying!) every few
    seconds uncontrollable cough, and she slept cough-free for
    hours every night that she used it.

    If you have grandchildren, pass this on. If you end up
    sick, try it yourself and you will be absolutely amazed at
    how it works.


    Cheryl B, Liverpool, NY

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    Smile Therapy

    Economical way to spend a Special Celebration

    Instead of going to dinner to celebrate something for the kids (braces off, good report card, etc.), we decided to let them buy any dessert they wanted at the grocery. Then we make a special dinner at home. This is a lot cheaper, and most of the time, they end up with a $4 container of ice cream. Even with a more expensive ice cream cake, this is still much cheaper than going out to dinner.

    Mystery Tipster

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    Smile Therapy

    Save $$ and Time with Babysit Co-Op

    Form a babysitting co-op with your friends. In a typical month, you’ll get three dates out with your spouse for free and only have to babysit one night. We send an email to all families to have them sign up to take one Saturday night out of the month. Then each couple drops their child(ren) off at the babysitting family’s home. We never pay for a babysitter and get to go out on a date three weeks out of each month.

    Celia L

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    Smile Therapy

    Diaper RASH.. great way to deal with.. Keep em DRYER

    Drier/Dryer….. Really

    When my daughter was little, she had diaper rash a lot despite my use of ointment and my best efforts to change her as soon as she was wet. I got the answer from a dad whose family ran a daycare that we occasionally used. When changing the diaper, use a hair drier set to cool air to completely dry her bottom. My daughter thought it tickled, and soon we had no more problems with diaper rash, saving me a lot of money in ointment! I double checked the drier each time to ensure that it was set to cool air first so that we had no burns.

    Cheryl, USA

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    Smile Therapy

    The Video that can be read Forward, AND Backward

    Nice message here.
    Reversing the message………..
    Click here….


    Rena R, Maryland

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    Smile Therapy

    How KIDS can make EXTRA $$ in College

    Extra College Cash

    A friend told me her son made a lot of money in college by being paid to be the designated driver. His friends would buy him concert tickets, etc. or pay him to be the designated driver.

    He also made money by doing other student\’s laundry. Apparently, not everybody\’s mom teaches him/her how to do it.

    Michelle, USA

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    Smile Therapy

    Kids find Water Bottle in the DARK

    Protecting Mom’s Sleep

    I added some glow in the dark tape to the kids’ water bottles. Now when they wake in the middle of the night, they can find the bottle glowing in the dark.

    Brenda H, USA

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    Smile Therapy

    New Parting Gift at Kids Party

    Goodbye Goodie Bags

    Do the moms a favor at your child\’s next birthday party and forget the little take home bags full of clutter. Instead, make a more memorable gift by making a group picture of the kids. You can either send the photo with a thank you card or make a post card using your computer. Then send them to the children a few days after the party.

    TC, Tennessee, USA

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    Smile Therapy

    Attention Teachers and Kids the Crayola Song

    We share with you the Crayola Song

    It doesnt make a Color for your EYES…


    WWWeb scout

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    Smile Therapy

    $$ Cool Way for Kids to Raise some Money $$$

    Search and Sell!

    In order to make some much needed school money, I had my kids go through their closets and give me every piece of clothing, toys, electronics, books, and sports equipment that they had outgrown. I searched the online sites to determine what they would be worth. I went through our office and my husband searched his hunting and fishing equipment and tools. I decided that anything worth more than $10 would go online and the rest would go into a garage sale.

    We have sold more than $800 online. The garage sale with nothing over $5 raised $300. The closets are more organized, and I made the kids promise to tithe a percentage. All the unsold items have been donated to charity. Each kid will get money to spend on school activities (sports, yearbooks, and clothes), and they have said that they want to take good care of the new items they bought since they may be able to resell them.


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    Smile Therapy

    simple way to put your ideas across

    Though I am writing under the category of family stuff, kids stuff etc, this idea could put into use anywhere.. maybe in just sharing photos, let it be cooking or anything under the sky.
    A very common problem is that a person communicates his idea to another and then the second person communicates it to the third and it goes. in this process a small percentage of information or ideas communicated can be lost. Don’t you think so? Finally the end person comes up doing a totally different idea that wrongly communicated.
    I just came across this app called LiveAlbum. This app is basically a photos sharing app. The photos are shared instantly with friends and family. supposing you just came up with a bright idea for anything, just put it down in a piece of paper or just draw a a rough diagram of your idea. then just click a photo and it gets automatically shared with your friends or only people whom you choose to share.
    This app is called LiveAlbum.
    check it out if you find time..

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