About Creator, Tim Smith:

Since college, I have spent a good portion of my life reading and researching books articles, magazines and tons of content on the web. Just books alone approximately 750-1000 books. Average book has 15 chapters, 100-150 pages, and 250-400 words per page. So conservatively, I’ve read 28-40 million words( 28-40,000,000)—just in Books alone!

What types of reading?

Books on Successful people. Positive, uplifting books. Inspiration. Life lessons and stories. Self help. HOW TO IMPROVE. Mainly to LEARN from those who have gone before— how to be successful. Also to develop becoming the BEST THAT I CAN BE as a person. Taking the best from some of the finest, most brilliant minds in the world, over time. Greats such a Socrates, to Lincoln, to Gandhi. Some Mother Teresa, JP Morgan and Dale Carnegie. Coach John Wooden to Warren Buffet to Bill Gates.

What my passion and purpose here on this planet is:

To help people, as best I can. To help play a part— in them helping themselves become their personal best!


Here’s a few items of interest on my RESUME:

• Dale Carnegie Grad.
• Top salesman at Syracuse Securities 6 out of 9 years.
• Bought and sold over 700k of stocks.
• Owned 10 standardbred race horses.(Trotters)
• Held R.E. license for 15 yrs.
• Currently hold insurance license.
• Have a library of 1200-1400 books read about 60-70% of them thusfar.
• Played golf at the collegiate level at UMASS.
• Author of a Weight Loss Book.. “It Only Makes Sense.”
• Been in 25 of the United States and 7 other countries.
• Proud husband, father of one stepdaughter, and 2 beautiful Lab Retrievers.

Best Trait: Reliable and trustworthy. My handshake means everything.

Many other interests. Life is pretty cool. It’s a big world out there and lots of good, positive, useful and fun things to report on.

Sooooo…..While you are doing what you do each day, we are researching constantly to bring you something good, something positive /of value, something you’ll LOOK FORWARD to receiving on a daily basis.

About Smile-Therapy — much BIGGER than Tim Smith

To be 100% honest, like all things, part of the success of Smile-Therapy is the engagement people put behind it, and do with the information.

Smile Therapy as a whole—very SOLID messages. Specifically,  I frequently play the role more like a conduit. Amidst continuous reading, I am always looking for what other successful people do ( stories, tips, philosophies,  ideas that work, etc.)

While the messages are dug up from some of the world’s best and brightest, they only work if people read and utilize them.

I believe my mission, my  ‘gift’ in life– is to ENCOURAGE, lift and help people. See the positives. Spread goodness.

In fact, here’s a recent sampling of just some of the talents we’ve shared from:

• 4 time Olympian, John Naber.

• World class author and Orlando Magic GM, at Williams.

• Renown sales guru and author, Joe Vitale.

• ESPN Coach of the century,  John Wooden.

• Miss America contestant, Kelley Johnson.

• Some fantastic ‘unknown’ Americans– like  87 yr. old EMT specialist  Edna Mitchell,  Sharee from Colorado who did an incredible random act of kindness,  8 yr. old Raegan Koeibler who raised $80,000  to rebuild an orphanage destroyed by a hurricane,  and 94 yr. old Jonathan Mendes entering his 15th marathon.

• Also, we shared info from actress Marilu Henner,  actress Sophia Loren

• LA Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

• Helen Keller.

• Tips from playbook of NAVY SEALS,and US Olympians.

• Legendary envelop and business magnate Harvey MacKay.

• 1979 Farmer’s Almanac.

• World famous blogger and author Seth Godin.

• And mid 20th century motivation guru Earl Nightingale.

• Also musical talents  from Boz Scaggs, Triumph, and Luke Bryan.

We feel the world is starving for some more GOOD News. Perhaps you can user some as well? So let us help you get your day off to a Fresh and Positive start. Today, and every day.