Benefits for Individuals

• Self improvement.
• Character development.
• Continuous learning.
• Personal development.
• A desire for ‘Better’.
• Guaranteed ‘feel good’ 1x/day, every day.

Benefits for Leaders

• Increase morale.
• More positive climate and culture.
• Higher employee engagement.
• Additional wellness benefit, focusing on more appreciation for the employee.

What is Smile-Therapy?

Smile-Therapy is a service, that delivers a quality message of excellence, 1st thing, every AM, to start your day & mind-in a good, positive direction.

• Life Lessons.
• Inspiration/ Motivational Stories.
• Humor and Fun.
• Creativity & Ideas.
• Thoughtfulness and Gratitude.
• Common Sense Advice.
• Money Savers ($$$).
• Encouragement & Positivity.
• Feel Good Human Stories.
• Potpourri of other messages to make you Feel Good.